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Released: May 30, 2015
Updated: May 30, 2015 by akankshagaur
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Application CalendarSyncPlus v1.3.2.5.exe
application, 3519K, uploaded May 29, 2015 - 862 downloads

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Application CalendarSyncPlus.exe
application, 2653K, uploaded Apr 9, 2015 - 890 downloads
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Release Notes

⦁ Alpha release check

⦁ Task bar Icon update
⦁ Clear Log button added
Bug Fixes
⦁ Merge with existing Option changed to Update existing entries
⦁ Delete entries for one way sync for merge with existing entries option
⦁ Use Default settings only when
⦁ Check for updates for latest fix


⦁ Truncate attendees to 200 in Google


⦁ New Sync Engine for Bidirectional & Unidirectional
⦁ 'Keep Last modified' feature restored and functional
⦁ Compare description for upto 8000 chars
⦁ Added 'Merge into existing entries'
⦁ Added more logging
⦁ Show Sync Status in Notification Popup

Bug Fixes
⦁ Removed Old Sync Engine


⦁ New Optimized sync engine

Bug Fixes
⦁ Settings google calendar error
⦁ Outlook recurring delete failed
⦁ Check for updates for latest version fixed
⦁ Added size limit to log file


⦁ Manual authentication for Google
⦁ Default settings updated
⦁ Auto retry after Google forbidden error
⦁ Google api limit for attendees
⦁ Google calendar api library updated - 1240

Bug Fixes
⦁ Google preferences not saving for multiple profiles
⦁ Outlook preferences not saving for multiple profiles
⦁ Disconnect google not removing google account entry from other account
⦁ Incorrect Outlook calendar passed for sync if default calendar is selected
⦁ Appointment not updating if duration is updated


⦁ Gets Email from Name for outlook if provided

Bug Fixes
⦁ Reset Outlook Calendar Exception
⦁ More CLR exceptions
⦁ Preferences loading not shown


⦁ Apply proxy settings on start up
⦁ Added run at startup registry in installer
⦁ Added What’s new view
⦁ Sync algorithm optimized

Bug Fixes
⦁ Multiple google calendar error resolved
⦁ “Unable to get google calendar” error resolved.
⦁ Error in ShowOverlayAsync with minimized window
⦁ Periodic sync at restart


⦁ "How To Use" Guide added on Help
⦁ About updated
⦁ Help buttons added for all fields
⦁ Sync full calendar, Sync Fixed date range Options added
⦁ Auto & Manual Synchronization added
⦁ Sync Engine Optimized
⦁ Proxy settings password handled

Bugs Fixes
⦁ Exception at launch handled
⦁ Exception for old settings added


⦁ Multiple Google Accounts supported
⦁ Periodic sync configuration (Auto, Manual added)
⦁ Sync range options added: Entire Calendar, Fixed Date Range
⦁ Help button added for each setting option
⦁ User guide integrated instead of summarized help content

Bug Fixes
⦁ Hourly Sync changed to Interval sync -> To avoid confusion
⦁ Periodic sync halted after a while for hourly sync
⦁ Exception handled for previous settings format
⦁ Exception handled for new users at application launch


⦁ Proxy settings for connection
⦁ Event color for Google Added (Approximate Event color mapped to Outlook categories)
⦁ Reminders check added in comparison

Bug Fixes
⦁ Google reminders loaded
⦁ About, Help, Preferences flyouts allowed to open if they were loaded previously


⦁ Google Recurring Events
⦁ Disconnect Google Account
⦁ Set category color to outlook entries
⦁ Schedule View updated
⦁ Profile management complete
⦁ Limit profile name length

Bug Fixes
⦁ Hourly sync repeat behavior fixed


⦁ Multiple Sync Profiles Added
⦁ Create up to 5 profiles
⦁ Delete other than default profile
⦁ Reset outlook/google calendar
⦁ Disable delete Option
⦁ Confirm On delete Option
⦁ Keep Last modified for bidirectional sync
⦁ Select master calendar option for bidirectional sync
⦁ bidirectional sync optimized
⦁ Reset Outlook/Google calendar option
⦁ Preferences view updated
⦁ Time picker control changed

Bug Fixes
⦁ Google Read Failed
⦁ Incorrect failure Status
⦁ Exception handling and logging
⦁ Handled recipients with no SMTP address (Outlook)
⦁ Sync frequency time value update
⦁ Outlook instance held longer in delete

Reviews for this release

Just download and installed. Easy so far. Was able to get it setup in 10 minutes or less. Looking forward to using, exactly what I needed. Why MS has made this so hard is beyond me.
by bbuell on May 21, 2015 at 6:33 PM
I have been searching for a product like this for weeks. Installed easily, configuration simple and it works. A fantastic solution for my needs 10 out of 10. THANK YOU
by Steventhebuilder on May 17, 2015 at 3:05 AM
Awesome release guys , Way better than others apps available Totally stable :) . Recommended for every one.
by Awesome123 on May 8, 2015 at 7:12 AM