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Memory leak


After running 7 days, process size is 895mb in size and growing.

I have calendar sync + setup to sync every 15 minutes with my Gmail.

I have a full perfmon (to be honest, the screenshot which i upload is probably well sufficient to see the issue). Also forced a dump of process if someone wanted to analyse. Combined they are 1.1GB.

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AnkeshDave wrote Jul 2 at 7:51 AM

Did you try using a newer version of CS+. Also i am personaaly running CS+ for about a month on aserver without restarting and Usage does not go above 100mb, which is pretty standard for a WPF app.

Also do share your configuration, range around which you are trying to sync etc.

Also as Codeplex is shutting down, You can post issues on GITHUB, we have been on github for about 2 years, and do all our development there.

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CS+ Team